Windows Embedded Standard 7 - Keeping your development tools up to date.

Windows desktop users can keep their PC up to date with the latest patches, updates, drivers, and technologies through Windows Update, but what about developers that are using Windows Embedded Tools to build embedded operating systems? – Typically, developers would use a combination of the OEM Download Portal (ECE) and MSDN to locate updates and new features to download into their development tools – it’s certainly possible to miss an update.

Today we’ve launched Windows Embedded Developer Update (WEDU) for Windows Embedded Standard 7 – Here’s some of the key features:

Key features of WEDU for Windows Embedded developers:
  • Easy way to be notified there are available updates

  • Simple update selection and download

  • Quick installation of updates into the development environment

  • Control over which environments to update

  • History of updates and ability to hide optional updates

Windows Update (for desktop PCs) will download and install updates to ensure that your desktop PC is up to date – WEDU is somewhat different, you get to decide which updates you will download/install to your developer tools.

The initial release of WEDU supports Windows Embedded Standard 7, there will be an update to support Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WinCE) later this year.

You can download WEDU for WES7 on the MSDN Download Center

- Mike