Active Directory Programming with .NET (demo code)

Last year I did 3 screencasts on building .NET solutions agains the Active Directory data store, and recently there was a couple of requests for the code from those webcasts.  Although, I don't have the code seperated into the 3 segments to follow the screencast, I've posted the full demonstration appliation, which can be found on our Federal Developer web site (  This demonstration has all 3 parts in a full end-to-end demonstration.

The original blog postings (and links to the screencast) were:

Adding a user to Active Directory using .NET
Adding users and groups (and users to groups) to Active Directory using .NET
Searching Active Directory using .NET
The demonstration code shows all 3 of the projects above plus additional tips/tricks and the a PowerPoint presentation on the subject.

You can get to the exact download location by clicking here (the URL is to long to paste).

~ Robert Shelton