City of Miami Building for Now and Tomorrow…

The following are a couple of interviews with IT professionals from the City Of Miami discussing two projects with significant impact to the city operations. In the current economic climate this is a showcase of how innovation on our platform can create amazing opportunities for Public Sector; in this case in particular, for municipalities. These are examples of win-win scenarios for City Management, Citizens and Microsoft.

The new system offers significant benefits to the city and its citizens: Expediency, Low Cost, and Enhanced Citizen Services. Miami is making this solution available to other jurisdictions to enable then to derive the same benefits.

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Land Management System
Urbanization and building construction along with overhaul and modernization of the city’s zoning code have converged with the obsolescence of the existing building, planning and zoning business processes forcing the largest IT project for the city in two decades.

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Thanks to Conrad Salazar, and Yitzhak Khabinsky from the City of Miami and  Benton Belcher from ISC for collaborating with us for the interviews.

Joel Reyes