Let’s Go Windows Phone 7–Let’s Go Central

If you are in central-time and interested in what’s up with Windows Phone 7 then here it is. Don’t miss this great opportunity!!!



Nashville, TN

July 27

Cincinnati, OH

July 29

Minneapolis, MN

August 3

Dallas, TX

August 4

Indianapolis, IN

August 5

Overland Park, KS

August 5

Columbus, OH

September 7

Waukesha, WI

September 14

Grand Rapids, MI

September 14

Little Rock, AR

September 15

Cleveland, OH

September 15

St. Louis, MO

September 16

Southfield, MI

September 21

Austin, TX

September 22

Des Moines, IA

September 23

Tulsa, OK

September 28

Memphis, TN

September 29

Houston, TX

September 30

Knoxville, TN

September 30

Chicago, IL

October 8

Downers Grove, IL

October 20

Joel Reyes
Microsoft Public Sector