MIX06: Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere ("WPF/E")

WPF/E is a subset of WPF focused on interactive content that works cross platform.  WPF/E can be hosted in multiple browsers and on multiple operating systems.  That's right, including operating systems other than Windows.  WPF/E, like WPF, uses XAML.  Unlike WPF, you have two options for writing the concept of "code behind" the XAML markup.  You can write it in C# or VB.Net.  Your code then compiles to intermediate language which the WPF/E client runtime executes.  The initial delivery mechanism for the runtime is a browser add-in.  The browser add-in has an execution environment for the intermediate language.  The goal is to keep the size of the add-in under 2 megabytes.  The other code option is to use JavaScript.  The browser’s JavaScript engine is used to access the objects created from XAML through the HTML DOM.  The WPF/E session at MIX06 demonstrated the same samples running in both IE and Firefox on Windows as well as Safari on a Mac.  WPF/E shares the same tools as WPF.  Designers can build WPF/E UIs with Expression Interactive Designer and developers can use Visual Studio.  You get all the unified designer/developer process associated with WPF applications.  The difference is that with WPF/E you’ll target a subset of the functionality you can build with WPF.  This parallels the current experience building Windows Forms interfaces on the Compact Framework vs. the full .NET Framework.

-Marc & David

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