MOSS 2007 (SharePoint) receives US DoD 5015.2 Certification for ECM and Records Management

Here's the official announcement link:

Here are some of the details, for quick reading, as taken from the article pertaining to Records Management and Compliance for MOSS 2007.


With respect to records management and compliance, Office SharePoint Server 2007 offers the following integrated capabilities:

Information management and retention enables organizations to control the way content is managed to enforce compliance with corporate, legal or governmental policies. To define information management policies for their sites, organizations can use the following predefined policy features individually or in combination: auditing, bar codes and expiration. They also can develop custom information management policies.

The Records Center site template is designed to help organizations implement their records management and retention programs. This site template extends standard Office SharePoint Server 2007 features with additional records management capabilities: vault abilities that help ensure the integrity of records stored within the Records Center, records routing, information management policy enforcement, and the ability to add records that are subject to litigation or investigations to a hold list.

eDiscovery in Office SharePoint Server 2007 enables organizations to streamline the process of document retrieval with integrated search and the placing of records on hold that are subject to litigation or investigation. Records on hold are suspended from records management policies and expiration, ensuring access throughout the litigation process.

Information Rights Management (IRM) allows organizations to limit the actions that users can take on files that have been downloaded from SharePoint lists or libraries. IRM encrypts the downloaded files and limits the set of users and programs that are allowed to decrypt these files. IRM can also limit the rights of the users who are allowed to read files so they cannot take actions such as printing copies of the files or copying text from them.



~ Robert Shelton