MOSS Supports Live Earth - How we built Conservation International's Public Websites

You may recall in a previous post, I wrote about how I led a couple of projects to migrate Conservation International's public websites to SharePoint Server 2007 as well as implement a Silverlight v1.1-based Carbon Offset Calculator that is currently hosted on Conservation International's newly re-launched site, which is completely powered by MOSS.

I've been working with the Microsoft Gold Partners, Portal Solutions, LLC. and Applied Information Sciences, who were intimately involved in the effort to put together "How we did it" blog posts to showcase some of the processes that went into the creation of these great solutions.  Part 1 of he "How we did it" series is currently posted on the SharePoint Product Team's blogPart 1 discusses the MOSS architecture that was implemented to meet Conservation International's business needs around performance, scalability, and ease of use and is a true testament to the power and flexibility of the SharePoint platform.  This solution displaced two existing 3rd party web content management systems and provides a unified platform upon which Conservation International will continue to deliver advanced web capabilities as they strive to build upon their already established conservation ecosystem with hopes of bringing attention to many conservation and environmental issues that plague our planet.

Part 2 of the series will focus on how the Silverlight Carbon Offset Calculator was designed/built and will round out the "How we did it" series.  So stay tuned!!

I invite you to read the post and let us know what you think!

- Lamont