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Register for the, October 30, 2012, Developing Azure Solutions with Visual Studio 2012-

Windows Azure represents Microsoft entry into cloud computing, supporting web site/service hosting, storage, relational databases, virtual machines, virtual networks and much more. This public cloud platform provides both power and flexibility. But to capture this power you need to have the right tools! This session will discuss and demonstrate the primary ways you can harness Windows Azure with the .NET platform. We’ll explain web and worker role development, packaging, deployment, and show how Visual Studio 2012 with the Windows Azure SDK can be used to develop for an manage Windows Azure.


On November 7, 2012, view the presentation of  Integrating Production Support into ALM

Catching and fixing production issues is important! The quicker production problems are found, the faster they can be fixed. And when an issue is reported from operations to development, developers need meaningful information to diagnose and repair. This webcast will highlight the production application monitoring features of System Center 2012 and how Operations can be integrated into your Application Lifecycle Management. With tighter integration between Development and Operations, you can improve your customer experience, and detect and resolve bugs more rapidly. Come join us for this exciting webcast!


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