RUMBLE RADAR- Motivated by Windows 8


Managing Consultant for Excella, Roberto Hernandez has been inspired by Windows 8 and the seismic activity which has recently taken place in the Mid-Atlantic.

Through this inspiration, Roberto created an APP called Rumble Radar.

This APP has the below features and capabilities.


- Geocodes and groups significant earthquakes, as designated by USGS, for the past 7 days.

- Color encodes earthquakes using alert level, as assigned by USGS.

- Links to detail information at USGS Website.

Roadmap/Future Enhancements

- Expand dataset to include all earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 and greater for the past 30 days.

- Interactive map of all earthquakes.

- Generate date based statistics per region.

To read more about Roberto Hernandez and Rumble Radar visit his blog here.


For any additional information please contact the ASK DPE Alias at .