SCREENCAST: Using the UpdatePanel and tab controls from the AJAX Control Toolkit to build an "in place" master details

It's been a while since I've done a screencast.  I get quite a few "How Do I?" questions in my inbox from customers.  Quite often, the initial answer to your question is "I don't know."  When that's the case, it gives me the excuse to try it out:).  I am trying to get better at sharing the answers with everyone via the blog.  Father time isn't always on my side though:(. 

After one of our Developer Conferences, someone asked me how to implement a specific master details scenario with tabs using ASP.NET AJAX.  Although I knew what they were asking was possible, I couldn't quite explain it.  I hadn't done it myself.  So I built it!  I recorded a screencast walking through how to do it.

The screencast is here.

The sample code is here.