So, did you ever wish that you had a spell checker built into ASP.NET?

Well, if you are like me, you do!  When building web applications and switching between code and UI text, you may occasionally find a spelling mistake in the final product UI.  Typically, I like to consider my end-users as my personal built-in spell checker; letting me know when I've made a typo, but then you have to recompile, re-deploy, and re-test.  Uh, I mean re-test and then re-deploy! :)  NO MICROSOFT JOKES!

Anyway, if you wish you had such an add-in to Visual Studio, then check out the link below to a Visual Studio 2005 Spell Checker Add-in for HTML and ASP.NET pages, by Mikhail Arkhipov (I hope that I spelled that correctly).  BTW, check the requirements: It does require Word 2003 on the developers desktop, as that is the dictionary that it uses. 

Note: "This add-in does not work with the Free Version of Visual Studio (Visual Web Developer Express, as Express editions are NOT extensible."

Here's the link to Mikhail's blog with the download

~ Robert Shelton

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