TechBooks Windows 8.1 app - Discover MSDN and Patterns & Practices eBooks

TechBooks is a handy Windows 8.1 app that brings all the freely available "MSDN" and "Patterns & Practices" technical eBooks, in one place for your reading pleasure (online or offline). App is all about the technical content  (ebooks) one can leverage to enhance their skill-sets.

App has the following features.

  • Uses Windows 8.1’s new HubControl and template.
  • Uses new Windows 8.1 PDF related API’s.
  • Includes standard stuff – appbar, semantic zoom, pin-to-start, fly outs, caching books for offline use, and basic bookmarking capability.
  • Includes privacy policy, about, support using new Windows 8.1 settings related FlyOut controls. - required for all apps.
  • FilePicker functionality to save the book wherever the user desires.

Link to download the TechBooks Windows 8.1 app: