Visual Studio Team System TechNotes - new on MSDN

Visual Studio 2005 Team System TechNotes (link)

We are happy to announce a new area on our MSDN site devoted to technical notes on Visual Studio Team System. TechNotes are a new and exciting channel for publishing technical information to our customers and join existing resources such as On-Demand Webcasts, Technical White papers, Virtual Labs, FAQs, Forums, and Blogs. These technical notes, roughly 800-1500 words in length, cover a very specific technical topic about VSTS. Unlike blog postings, TechNotes have the advantage of being centrally archived.

Check out a sampling of our new TechNotes:

TN_1100: Understanding Applications and the Application Diagram

TN_1101: Understanding and Using the Default System

TN_1105: Why Class Libraries are not shown on an Application Diagram

TN_1203: Code Coverage basics from the IDE

TN_1204: Profiling ASP.NET from the command line in sampling mode

TN_1600: Building ASP.NET projects with Team Build

TN_1601: Team Build and Web Deployment Projects

TN_1700: Which Team Foundation commands need to be checked in?

TN_1701: How do Team Foundation Source Control locks and permissions differ?

-- Jeff O