WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Developing Gadgets for the Windows Vista Sidebar

Thanks to everyone who attended.  I wish I was not so under the weather.  Hopefully it was not too hard to understand me.  I didn't want to cancel the webcast at the last minute.  The deck from my presentation is here.  The majority of the samples I showed are available in the gadgets section at http://www.visitmix.com/university/.  The example I showed using ASP.NET AJAX to call web services is available hereSteve Marx has a nice walkthrough of the process of initial setup here.  You can find out more about the ActiveX/WPF gadget I showed from Karsten JanuszewskiTim Heuer has a VS Template for Sidebar development here.  I haven't used it, but most of the stuff Tim puts together is gold:).

UPDATE:  As Tim pointed out, the maximum docked width constraint of 130px is a usability recommendation (not a technical one).  You can, in fact, set the docked width of a gadget to be a much larger number, but it will look goofy IMHO.