Where's the follow up from the Public Sector Developers Conference in WA?

I know I promised folks I would have all the updated VS2008 RTM code & slide decks for my WCF, WF, & LINQ presentations published by now.  Unfortunately, I am a little behind.  Due to some laptop configuration issues that required support (over many days) from our helpdesk, my demos are scattered between local projects and projects inside a VPC.  The good news is that my configuration issues are fixed.  The bad news is that I still have some work to do to package up my demos for download.  As soon as I returned from Washington State, I pretty much went straight to our Reston, Va office to help set up for the Sleepless in DC event.  I got home, went straight to bed, woke up, and stayed up for two days straight.  They weren't kidding when they said "Sleepless."  Great event!  After the event was over, I watched some playoff football and then crashed!  I still can't believe the Giants beat the Packers.  Monday was my recovery day.  I slept most of Monday:).  Today, I finished getting my demos in order for my webcast tomorrow.  I should be able to package up the code and post answers to some of the questions I couldn't answer during Q&A in the next day or so.  Stay tuned!