Combining Files in PowerShell

If you need to combine text files in cmd.exe, you would issue the following command:

copy file1.txt+file2.txt+file3.txt combined_files.txt

If you wish to do the same for binary files, you would use the following command:

copy /b file1.bin+file2.bin+file3.bin combined_files.bin

To do the same in PowerShell is pretty straightforward.  If the destination file does not already exist or already contains content, you’ll want to issue the New-Item command first.  If you know it doesn’t exist or is empty, you can skip that line, below.

New-Item -ItemType file ".\combined_files.txt" –force

Get-Content .\file?.txt | Add-Content .\combined_files.txt

Thanks to Gerardo Lopez for his “Combine or Join Two Text Files Using PowerShell” article, which is the basis for this information.