Mounting NFS share on NFS client

Mounting NFS share on NFS client

Now click on OK twice and come out of the folder properties saving the changes you've made, open a command prompt and run – showmount –e.
This should return the exports list for this system and should list the folder you just shared –

Next step is to check the NTFS permission on this folder. Windows Server 2003 systems do not include anonymous users in the Everyone group and you need to manually add the Anonymous Logons group to the access list (I have done that before going any further). This KB article talks more about it.

We are now ready to go to the NFS client and mount this share.
Run the showmount command from your client –

Now, you can mount it on a Linux host using the following command –
mount –t nfs NFSSRV:/nfsshare /mnt/nfs

Let’s go ahead and run some of our favorite commands –

I have mounted the share on /mnt/nfs on this box and what I did was go to /mnt directory and see what are the ownerships and permissions shown for this mount (remember after you mount a NFS share on a directory the permissions shown are that of the NFS share mounted and not of the directory which is the mount point). Then I switched to that mount point and then created myfile1 using touch command. Next thing I did was to list everything there.

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