Installing Win7 from USB onto Netbook or EeePC

My team at Microsoft won a diversity award and part of the prize was a new Asus EeePC.  I’m installing Win7 on it today, thanks to some instructions Clint Rutkas laid out.  I’ll post them here in case you’re in the same boat.  Please note, the first link covers how to install Win7 from a USB drive and the directions are for Vista.  XP doesn’t recognize USB drives in the diskpart tool.  Dave Glover provides a comprehensive look at running the Win7 Beta on EeePC including like/dis-likes and where to find extra drivers and more. 

1. Get a 4gig+ USB drive to install off of, prep so it can be bootable.

2. Prep the BIOS to boot off USB drive, Hit Escape to make these Boot changes

a. Turn off quickboot

b. Make CDrom 1st option to boot off of

3. Plug in the thumb drive with the Win7 ISO extracted on it.

a. I used an x86 build.

4. Hit escape to get the computer to boot off the USB drive

a. Do this when you see the splash screen

5. Get the lan drivers from


6. Hit Fn-F2 if your blue WiFi light isn’t on

7. Run Windows update