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Community Goodies targets to provide a all in one resource index
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This site is a roadmap for newbies to Microsoft development technologies.

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Visual Studio Roadmap

Getting Started

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What's New in Visual Studio Debugger 2010

WPF Roadmap

Getting Started

WPF Key Features

WPF Hot Topics

New Features in WPF 4


Getting Started

  1. Getting Started with Visual C++
  2. Getting Started with STL
  3. Getting Started with MFC
  4. Getting Started with C++/CLI

Visual C++ in Visual Studio

  1. Visual C++ IDE
  2. New Features in Visual Studio 2010

Visual C++ in Visual Studio

(List some new or hot articles about Visual C++ that we will generate in future)

Learning Resources

From Microsoft

Visual C++ Developer Center
Visual C++ Team Blog
Visual C++ Forums
Developer Support Languages � VC++
C++ on Channel 9
C++ on Code Gallery
Visual C++ How Do I Videos

From Community

Visual C++ Community
The C++ Resources Network
VC++ Articles

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