MFC Getting started


Prerequisites for Learning MFC

Among the important assumptions made by the MFC documentation are that:

· You already know a little about programming for Windows.

· You know the basics of programming in C++.

· You understand the fundamentals of object-oriented programming.


MFC is a SDK interface (wrapper) only, consisting in a set of classes that act as wrappers around the Win32 API, so that C++ programmers may program Windows using some concepts of the object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm and the C++ language (the Win32 API is based on C). One should learn the Win32 API or at least have some ideas since some of the SDK functions are absent form the MFC and remember would help you better to understand the MFC.


Key MFC Programming Areas

Hierarchy Chart

Creating an MFC Application

Creating an MFC DLL Project

Creating an MFC ActiveX Control

Walkthroughs (MFC Feature Pack)

How do I videos

MFC Classes:

MFC Feature Pack

MFC Samples

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THE MFC FAQ version 1.3



Walkthroughs (MFC)


Visual C++

VS 2010 New Feature

MFC Restart Manager Support in VS2010

MFC applications now default to being DPI-aware

CTaskDialog: an alternative to the simple message box!