Getting Busy at Script Junkie

Back in March of 2012, MSDN Magazine welcomed under its wing the Script Junkie Web development site. Script Junkie had gone all but fallow in the months after editor Rey Bango had moved on to other pursuits at Microsoft, so the goal was to move the site under active management and reanimate the popular resource for Web developers.

It’s been nearly a year now and the site is as active as it’s ever been. Familiar authors like Tim Kulp, Emily Lewis and Juriy Zaytsev have been joined by new contributors like Denise Jacobs, Justin Whitney and Wallace McClure. In just the past couple months, Script Junkie has featured informative series on working with jQuery Mobile, TypeScript, Fabric.js, Scalable Vector Graphics and more. The steady flow of tutorials and how-to features continues to address the broad and expanding water front of cross-platform Web development.

Take a moment to check out Denise Jacobs’ feature, titled CSS Architectures, Part 1: Principles of Code Cleanup and the New Best Practices. This is the first in a four-part series on CSS development, and kicks off by diving into the fundamentals of writing clean and efficient CSS. It also sets the stage for Jacobs’ exploration in upcoming features of the methodologies used in several popular CSS architectures.

Or consider Shayne Boyer’s three-parter on TypeScript development. Boyer (who also wrote a TypeScript-themed feature aimed at .NET developers for MSDN Magazine) works through the basics of TypeScript in part 1 before moving on to more advanced concepts. Look for the third and final installment of his series to publish in March.

We’re anxious to hear what you think. What kinds of topics and issues would you like to see addressed at Script Junkie? Are there specific challenges or problems you are facing in Web development that we might help you solve? Leave a comment here or email me at