Free webcast T-shirts at TechEd 2005

This is mock-up of the t-shirt. Okay, here's the deal. If you come by the webcasts and virutal labs booth at TechEd and show us that you've done one of the following, we'll give you a free T-shirt. To get your limited edition, classic webcasts t-shirt at TechEd 2005, show us one of the following:

  1. Add your blog to or You can also add it right there at the webcasts booth as well.
  2. Post a comment to this blog post using your TechEd name and we'll give you a T-shirt. You'll need your TechEd badge to get the shirt. You can also add a comment right there at the booth. Basically we're looking for ideas on how we can improve our webcasts prorgram.(yes, we're working on sound and the registration issues now).
  3. Blog about our webcasts and events on your own blog and have your blog post show up on our blogger sites ( or and we'll give you a  free T-shirt in addition to the free t-shirt you get above for add your blog above.

We'll have two or three desktops at the booth for you to quickly add your blog or post your feedback or comments here. Hope to see you folks at TechEd 2005.


George, MSDN Webcasts

P.S. Kevin Marshall from Portland Oregon will get a free t-shirt just for showing up at our booth, since he won the free pass to TechEd 2005. Kevin, We hope to see you next week!