Webcast Series for Developers

Someone asked me where can they find all the webcast series for Developers we've done so far. here's all the ones we've got listed in the Program guide for developers webcast gallery at http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/default.mspx.

Also, you can thank Jennfier Walts for getting these all setup with landing pages, correcting our poor grammar and generally making sure we don't have egg on our faces as we get these series setup for everyone. So Thank you Jennifer!

SQL Server 2005: Discover the Next Paradigm for Database Development

Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Power in Simplicity  

Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2: Explore Web Development with ASP.NET 2.0

Visual Basic 2005: Accelerate Developer Productivity

Visual Studio 2005: Develop Smart Client Applications

Ask the Security Experts: Understand the Latest in Digital Security

Authors Speak Out: Get Technical Advice from the Experts

Digital Blackbelt Series: Defend Your Code from Attacks

Essential ASP.NET: Explore Configuration to Webforms

Gearing Up for 64-Bit Computing on Windows Server: Develop Applications That Pack a Punch

Microsoft ASP.NET

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2: Fortify Your Security Measures

Modern Software Development

Modern Software Development Using C#: Develop in .NET

MSDN Events Online: Learn What You Need to Succeed in .NET

.NET Unwrapped: Develop Dynamic Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Office Developer Live!: Master Office Application Development

Soup to Nuts: Build Windows Forms Applications with .NET

SQL Server 2005 Developer Preview

Tech·Ed 2005 Webcast Series: Learn, Solve, Grow

Web Development: Increase the Security of Your Applications

Windows Mobility Marvels: Solutions for Modern Day Productivity