Announcing PDC 2009! - Nov. 17th-20th.

In case you weren't able to attend this year's fabulous PDC.  Yesterday, they announced next year's dates.  You may now mark your calendars for this exciting event well in advance and plan to attend next year.  It will surely be filled with fabulous presentations, announcements, opportunities to learn, to grow your business, to make great connections with Microsoft and your colleagues in other ISVs. 

Craving information now?   You can also View Published Session Videos from this year's PDC by clicking on the desired session title in the session browser and selecting "play" icon located in the session details.  Please note that the session recordings open up in a Channel 9 window.  Scroll down to resources to download the session PPT deck. Here's an idea I'm including that I found on another fabulous Microsoft blog:

Make your own mini-PDC!


Lets face it, while many people probably watched the flashy keynotes, its hard for many people to watch the actual technical sessions where the real value is hidden.

How can you solve this? Make your own mini-PDC happen at your company!  By next week all of the sessions should be posted online, therefore you can setup 1-day next week, buy some Pizza, invite your colleagues and watch those sessions most relevant to your company's development future.

Why do this? The answer is a simple list of benefits:

  • The team will have a great chance to bond
  • The team will learn about technologies that can benefit the business
  • Developers given a chance to think about technology and get away from the “Day-to-day” will get inspired about the future. This inspiration will lead to more creative problem solving and who knows, potential costing savings or potential revenue generation for the company!

The list can continue, but these points alone will hopefully be enough for you to take advantage of the fabulous content at PDC. Pick a day an give a mini-PDC a shot!  The future really is delicious (and hopefully so will be the Pizza)!