Are You Prepared for Online Attacks?


Do you know that weapons of choice for online attacks are "Trojan Horses," software applications hidden inside programs that computer users are duped or coaxed into downloading, according to the Microsoft report?

Read about this and the latest assessment of threats and vulnerabilities in the Security Intelligence Report.  The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report volume 5, has 145 pages and includes data and analysis on:

  • NEW - The threat ecosystem, narrative section
  • Security vulnerability disclosures, industry-wide and Microsoft specific
  • Vulnerability exploits, Microsoft specific
  • NEW - Browser-based exploits, Microsoft and third-party
  • Security and privacy breach reports
  • Malicious and potentially unwanted software trends
  • Focus on malware and signed code
  • NEW – specific malware and potentially unwanted software data for 15 locations worldwide (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, China, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Africa, and the Gulf Cooperation Council)

Find also the SIR Key Findings Summary and Executive Summary.  And don’t miss out on the introduction to Volume 5 by watching the The Bret and Vinny Show - SIR Volume 5


Join Bret Arsenault, GM US National Security Team and Vinny Gullotto, GM Microsoft Malware Protection Center, as they discuss the trends and findings in the latest SIR.

I also noticed that the Microsoft Malware Protection Center blog posted this content and included a few details of the report that you can review before deciding to download the whole document. 

Wishing you safe computing!

Shawn Tng

Lead Program Manager, Security