As Economy Slows, Education Grows


imageAre you an ISV who provides education-focused solutions that help people to learn? If so, it’s a great time to keep investing in education!  History has shown that as the economy slows, growth in education plays a significant role in driving economic growth, as noted by Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School. The reason is people seek to further their education in the hopes that with the inevitable economic rebound, they will be positioned to become the next generation of business leaders, medical researchers, or entrepreneurs. However, due to shrinking budgets and increased accountability for spending institutional funds, it has become difficult for most institutions to offer services which today’s students expect.

Today, Microsoft cares deeply about helping our partners deliver solutions that will both assist educational institutions to manage the education process, and continue to provide exceptional levels of service to students, parents, faculty, and administrators.

I want to tell you about some exciting work I’ve had the privilege to generate with Microsoft customers and partners to solve some difficult challenges with the help of Microsoft technologies-

University of California:

Using SharePoint as the basis for building a clinical trial management system, delivered by Take Solutions, the University of California, San Francisco is working to find a cure for Epilepsy.

Coppin State University:

Using SQL Server Analysis Services and PerformancePoint, a small ISV partner iStrategy Solutions and Coppin State University delivered a BI solution designed to help Coppin maintain its accreditation:

U.S. Public School System:

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is using Sharepoint and .NET to improve teaching and learning at some of the largest school districts in the U.S.

There are still significant challenges in education that we are working hard to solve, such as reducing the costs of maintaining a data center, or understanding what to do with all that “data”. We need our partners continued help to deliver solutions to these, and other problems

Having worked for more than 12 years providing technology solutions to the education market, I’ve never been more proud to work for a company that partners with its community to have a widespread and profound effect on education.

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Here’s to delivering great learning technologies,

Tyler Gannon

Senior Business Development Manager

Global Partners Team