Autodesk Geospacial Solutions and SQL Server 2008

Last time I talked about how two of our partners are creating a positive impact to our world.  We recently interviewed another partner, Autodesk, on their geospacial solutions and support of SQL Server 2008.  You’ll find this video interview on Channel 9’s Inside/Out. The Autodesk Geospatial Business Unit is utilizing the new spatial functionality of SQL Server 2008 to broaden their capabilities to better serve their customers.  How does this transform the world?  Since we are talking about geospatial data, Autodesk customers are using this information to model how buildings are using resources such as energy.  When architects and building engineers are designing buildings, roads, bridges and other infrastructure, they can understand how their designs not only look but also behave within the environment, affecting such things as the power grid or traffic.  Managing the geospatial information allows Autodesk customers to share information across organization, departments, even public constituencies.  Autodesk breaks down informational barriers by publishing to an open source standard, Open Source Geospatial Foundation.  This allows a free standard to use and publish the information, so geospatial data can be consumed no matter where it is stored. 

This type of information and modeling is used not only by architects, but utility, telecommunications, construction companies along with public agencies as well.  You can read more about Autodesk and their Geospatial Solutions on the Microsoft ISV website.

Changing the world?  Absolutely, one building, neighborhood, city at a time.  I’d like to hear your comments about the exciting technology Autodesk is building.


Paul Burstein, Business Development Manager