Internet Explorer 8 and the Education Market

By now everyone knows that Internet Explorer 8 has been made publicly available (check out the recent Channel 9 posting by IE GM Dean Hachamovich).

imageWhy is this important for education?  IE8 provides a completely new experience to end-users that make everyday tasks much simpler. Not only does IE8 load faster, provide a more stable browsing experience, and offer unmatched security capabilities, through innovative enhancements like Web Slices and Accelerators, which streamline common tasks and make your world online more accessible, it makes students, teachers, and administrators that “live” in the Web much more productive.

Developers benefit too, as IE 8 offers a host of new developer tools, support for web standards, and compatibility with previous versions of Internet Explorer. If you are wondering how to make your education solution take advantage of all IE 8 has to offer, visit the Internet Explorer Developer Center.

Tyler Gannon

Global Partner Team

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