Introducing “A Startup A Week”

I recently got a chance to grab a camera, step into the real world, and take part in a fun video project called "A Startup A Week".  The concept of the show is to bring together a few top developers and designers, pitch them an idea for a startup, and give them just one week to take the idea from concept to reality.  For the pilot episode of the show, the team worked on a Facebook application that allows users to work together with their social networks on a fundraising campaign to build a computer lab in Cambodia, in coordination with the outstanding non-profit Room to Read

The show is broken down into five segments, one for each day of the project.  The first day features the initial brainstorming and development of the idea, followed by step-by-step demos of several interesting development, design, and marketing challenges that the team faced along the way.  All of which leads up to the final episode where we presented the application to the local chapter lead for Room to Read.   Was our team able to come together and create a startup in a week?  Check out the videos at the links below to find out! 


Click here to watch the Day 1 video
Click here to watch the Day 2 video
Click here to watch the Day 3 video
Click here to watch the Day 4 video
Click here to watch the Day 5 video

Kevin Leneway

Global Partner Team