Two Goliaths with One Stone

Goliath was a nine-foot, bronze armored Philistine giant. I’m sure he had hair between his teeth and ate little boys for breakfast. However, he didn’t intimidate David, who killed and beheaded the giant, beat the Philistines and later went on to become the King of Israel.

How did he do it? First of all he had faith. Secondly, he was smarter than his opponent and knew to hit where it hurts. Lastly, he had the right tools. Add a little nimbleness and you have a recipe for victory!

In Microsoft’s ISV ecosystem we are lucky to have ISVs with the same traits as David. ISVs with enough faith to take on not one, but two Goliaths at the same time. ISVs shrewd enough to find the holes in Goliath’s armor. ISVs nimble enough to avoid Goliath’s offensive moves.

Let me introduce you to Approva. Armed to the teeth with Microsoft tools and technology, they have successfully taken on SAP and Oracle in the compliance space. Pay particular attention to Approva’s Q3 results—astonishing 43% growth and a very impressive list of customer wins.

Note that this is achieved with Microsoft technologies such as .NET, OBAs and SQL Server.

If you have the faith, we can help you with the rest.