Start developing for Windows 10 with the SDK preview

Hello developers!!

Yesterday, Microsoft released the Windows 10 developer tooling preview with an initial SDK which is only available to members of Windows Insider Program for now. The tools will allow you to start developing for the Windows Universal App Platform. As you might already know Windows 10 Universal apps will run across a variety of devices, including the Xbox One, PCs, phones, and tablets. This initial SDK preview will let developers tweak their apps to work across varying screen sizes and optimize them for both touch and mouse / keyboard usage. Bear in mind that the tools are an early preview, and Microsoft have released these to give developers a better idea of what to expect when creating Windows 10 apps and show how easy Microsoft is making it to port Android or iOS apps to its mobile platform.

Here are some "goodies", Code and Driver Samples to start playing around. Brace, with Windows 10, the documentation code samples will be published on GitHub. The published ones are an initial handful of samples and many more are planned for the //Build timeframe.

So let's get started, follow the following steps to install the tools and start developing


  1. Sign up for the Windows Insider Program, if you haven't already.

  2. Install, or upgrade to, the latest flight of Windows 10 Technical Preview to best support Windows Universal App Platform development.

  3. Run Windows Update to check for the latest updates.

  4. If you're running CTP5 or earlier, uninstall your previous version of Visual Studio 2015.

  5. Install Visual Studio 2015 CTP6
     Download hover image Get Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 (English)   

  6. Install the Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview, which are required when developing for the Windows Universal App Platform. (To install the .iso file, download the files, right-click the local copy, and then select Mount.)
    Download hover image Get the Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview (English)

    Download the ISO  (Requires VS 2015 CTP6)

Happy learning and coding!!