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Shane and Michael spent a week in a program called "AiR" (Not the Adobe kind - Artists In Residence). It's a program headed up by Arturo Toledo (Expression Team) which enables folks to come to Redmond and spend some time building some UX prototypes to help them wrap their heads around Silverlight, WPF and Expression Studio.

Fellow local Developer Evangelist, Michael - DelicateGenius - Kordahi has published a great video documentary on the entire end to end story of creating a Silverlight prototype, with an emphasis on collaboration between the "Developer" and "Designer".

It offers a great insight and one aspect I liked, well there's two but the first is the fact that both of them dogfooded the entire concepts we Evangelise daily (they've lived the pain & pleasure) whilst at the same time, conjure up what I thought was a brilliant prototype.

Outside the box thinking..

Absolutely brilliant work guys and well done!

Note: You will need Silverlight 1.0 to watch the video, Silverlight 2 won't work (it's beta, back off man).

View here: