Adobe vs Microsoft, the comic.

I'm always amused online when I see the usual Adobe vs Microsoft rant, it always ends up in someone fighting with the author or rogue commenter's shooting shots from the side, echoing the same points.

There is hope though in this battle royale, as you see there is a company that I'll happily evangelize anytime they ask, and they are called Nectarine. Nectarine are famous in the Adobe circles, as these guys not only know their skills around some of the products, but they are hands down the most down to earth people I've met and what annoys me more, is they have talent in the area of animation.

Their latest work was done for (WOTP) a conference I attended couple of weeks ago in New Zealand, where they did the keynote introductions. You can watch them over on the WOTP site.

If I were to explain their cartoons, I'd say it's 1-part Geek, 1-Part Passion, 1-Part Fawlty towers, 2-Parts Monty Python and 3-Parts Madness (can't do the math on that, but suffice to say, funny).

I want these guys to do a comic strip / animation, to sit back and take the sting out of all the online politics and simply make us all laugh at how silly the brand wars can be. I proposed such idea to Minty@Nectarine and I think he's onboard.. but.. I want all readers of this blog to post support in such an idea.

Check out their work from years gone by as well.

I salute Nectarine (not because their animations had me in it either).

Show your support to this idea by signing my comments to petition them to do it! :P