An action packed 2 weeks.

I'm racing against the clock, getting stuff ready for the next 2-3 weeks of events etc, and there's a reason why my twitters are low.

First up, this Wednesday night, I'm walking into the Brisbane Flash Platform User Group den to give a rant on Silverlight so if you can attend, please do so!

Meeting Details: 6:30 pm - ?, Wednesday, 20th June 2007
If doors are locked, call 0414 328 902 for entry
QANTM Auditorium
Level 9, 138 Albert St
Brisbane City

(Opposite the "Coffee Club")

Find it on WHEREIS:;7243212240990709884

I'm also getting ready to upload some of the goodness I've been working on for some time now, with regards to Silverlight. My ambition is to have it all installed online, viewable and ready for all to view by REMIX07 in Melbourne (which is sold out!!!). I'll show a more interactive version at the WebJam next week as well (REMIX sponsored event).

Then, REMIX07 is finally approaching. We'll be in Melbourne mixing it up with the Aussie web community whom are looking to attend and seeing what Microsoft can do better, but also showcasing what Microsoft has to offer today.

Then, I'll be getting ready to jet over to Perth for Barcamp which is going to be exciting for me as I've never been to Perth firstly, and I've been wanting to meet some of the local Web folks there for quite some time, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the WA folks can do in the web world.