Bungee, keeping Web 2.0 together..

A while back I posted my thoughts around a project called "ReadySteadyMashup.com", essentially how Microsoft + Web 2.0 can play a role together whilst showcasing the talents of Web 2.0 firstly, Our product offerings and just how agile they really are and finally putting the spotlight on the talent out there that aren't just .NET fanbois but come from all walks of life.

I'm in Seattle next Wednesday to progress this project further, that being said, BungeeConnect was announced at Web 2.0 Expo last week and I have to say, brilliant strategy!

Essentially they are putting together a Web 2.0 Pipeline together to empower developers, from all walks of life to interlace various Web 2.0 API's together under the one roof - aggregate the SAAS pieces if you will.

I love this concept as it's at times annoying or hard to figure out where all of these bits and pieces online exist, how you can use them and why they are worth it in the first place. Yet, it appears Bungee are lowing the barrier in this space to empower average Joe/Jane web coder to muck around in this space with next to no effort.

This translates to maybe some innovative ideas around this space and I think it will slot nicely into my ReadySteadyMashup.com concept going forward. I expect to play with it if given the chance but need to get my beta submission in now.

I'm beginning to warm up to the Web 2.0 concept, I initially didn't like it as it felt like it was a waste of time, yet I backtrack on that response as clearly it's proved itself at times (got to get off twitter crack).

It does however remind me of Yahoo! Pipes but hey, more of these concepts the better I say... now to prod our Live Team for our version of this goodness - or have they already embarked on this, I wonder..