HI, I'm Scott and I was a Google Addict.

Brisbane, Australia - March 31. A geek sits in a dark room, rocking back and forth snapping at any whom dare try and have a conversation with him. You see, this geek's name is Scott Barnes and he is what we typically call a "Google Addict" a poor twisted soul whom has embraced Google simply because of their smooth talking and colorful logos.

In January, Microsoft caste an intervention on Scott, they took him aside with friends and family and told him he has to stop, he has to unplug from Google and let his mind wonder to the wider possibilities out there in Search land.

At first Scott was hesitant, he rejected all Search Engines that weren't Google and even laughed at Yahoo! as being has-been's (It was probably the low point in Scott's life, and we shouldn't dwell on this, he wasn't thinking).

Slowly, through the help of such concepts as Yahoo Pipes he slowly came to the realization that just maybe, Google isn't always the best and that other search engines like Yahoo or even Microsoft Live have something they could offer.

It's now March, while Scott has been using an alternative to Google (Live Search), he still has a long way to go in the healing process of detoxing from Google's hooks.

Sure, it will get tougher as when other developers in the field keep pushing him to try out the latest Labs project or keep taunting him to "Just Google it" but Scott must push past that (yes, some will call him a Microsoft fanboi, but he must hold firm in his healing), get used to Live.com and embrace the effort that project's like Strider (Microsoft Research) have done to combat search-spam and what not (not to mention some $$ incentive programs for enterprise customers).

You may have noted lately that Scott has been somewhat agitated, at times snapping at poor unsuspecting Adobe staffers whom visit his blog, but fear not it's just Scott coming down from an overnight Google binge and patience is asked.

Yes, Scott will heal, life will go on, birds singing will sound greater and he will slowly regain taste, smell and emotions he thought he never had thanks to the Google Detoxing Outreach program here at Microsoft.

When I asked Dr Oogle Anti, CEO and pioneer behind the Google Detoxing Outreach Centre, this was his response:

"We do what we can ya know, these kids.. they're just messed up and you need to be strong for them, help them heal. Sure its tough work, and yes there are a lot of loyal Google users out there who will reject this program for everything it stands for! but... with more folks we help like Scott, It gives me renewed hope that search could be better in the end... "

Anonymous Counselor.

"..Be cool, stay off Google Crack and stay in School"