I went to an Internal Microsoft mashup tonight.

As some would know, I'm currently in Seattle, Microsoft HQ getting to know some of the various product folks and the upcoming offerings post MIX07. At any rate, tonight Michael and I went to see some Microsoftonians put together some Web 2.0 mashups. My initial reaction at first was uncertainty, in that "Do Microsoft really get Web 2.0" (It does float around in my head from time to time).

Tonight though, I have to say "Yes" to that as watching some of the mashups being put together in rapid succession was actually quite impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing others reactions at the public mashup @ MIX07 next week as there's some talent in the room that's for sure (go figure).

Anyway, Christophe Lauer fellow Microsoftee has put together a video of the night (around 1min 30sec) and I was going to do a preso on a mashup I have, but sadly I got to tired (big day).

Mashup Day on Microsoft CampusMashup Day on Microsoft Campus