RIA Hopeful: Chore Wars.

I was browsing the web and I stumbled upon "ChoreWars". A brilliant concept, whereby parents can set chores for their kids and they in return earn experience points (XP).

I look at this solution and not only do I applaud it's approach, but it leaves me wondering how far you could take this concept further. In that, I'd love to see this in some kind of hand-held device, that uses a more "Rich User Experience" approach.

The reason why is, i'd like it to unlock the XBOX 360, PC or maybe even a digital padlock to a bike or something. As this will give the kids an incentive to do the chores and also take on other "Quest Logs" whilst at the same time empowering parents a bit more control over the situation (use the gaming concept for good instead of mindless evil).

I look at my 4yr old son Corey, and already he dominates my XBOX 360 more than I do (Surfs Up is the best Kids game at the moment) and I'd like him to tidy up his toys. The way I get him to do this is essentially hold the XBOX 360 to ransom. If he fails to do tidy up, simply put no XBOX 360.

Yet looking ahead, I'd like this Chores concept + Device and I can see some potential in terms of using a RIA to bring the same experience across the board - Rich Web, Rich Device and Rich PC. As I'd like him to sync up his device to the Internet via XBOX 360, PC Client Software or Website.

It would also be a great starting point to learning his Math(s) and so on.

We need to take concepts like this and apply them to situations in day to day life, as this will be an exciting use of the technology and emphasis that User Experience can start at the Chores level.

I am hopeful this concept one day will become part of the RIA ecosystem and not be simply housed within a website (boring, we can do better).