uses .NET/FLEX/Apollo and WebORB

Scrapblog is a simple concept but well executed, it essentially empowers end-users to create their own scrapbook page combining a lot of media elements and pieces overall.

The client itself is built using Adobe FLEX, and it showcases the hidden power of Adobe Flex in a positive way (kudos). Yet, most don't actually realize that their's some nice power under the hood, and just after posting about WebORB I get pinged by Mark letting me know that is powered by .NET!

The folks behind Scrapblog had this to say:

" needed a remoting solution to use with Flex 2, as it currently only supports Java. I didn't think twice when choosing WebORB for this task. Version 3.0 [of WebORB] is simply amazing. You won't experience the flexibility and responsiveness that WebORB offers with any other remoting solution. My hat goes off to Midnightcoders, keep the great work." - Omar Ramos, Scrapblog's Director of R&D.

There you have it, although Adobe are pitching the Java line (hey they have to eat, so no harm no foul) this is however yet another example of "We play nice with others" in terms of Microsoft and Adobe technologies singing in harmony, but thanks to WebORB.

To top it off, apparently they have just converted this into a Apollo application.

WebORB, it's just super! (sorry couldn't resist throwing in a cheesy info-mercial style slogan).

You can read more about this at Mark's blog.