Silence is Golden.


If you've watched Entourage you may chuckle. The point of this post is simply that I'm silent for a reason, I'm busy, really busy (PDC is coming so behind the scenes work needs to be done).

That being said, I had lunch with Glenn Block today and he's shown me an awesome work-around to a common problem amongst many Silverlight coders out there. I'm busting to tell you it, but I'll respect his wishes and simply leave you begging for more.

Glenn and I have been talking about various ways one can approach Silverlight development and I plan on tricking him into helping me with the Project Nexus.

On a side note, the lawyers came back and MS Project Nexus is not a good thing for me to use, given it may infringe on MS Project's trademark (which is fair enough). Also apparently Microsoft has already had a project named Nexus, so instead I've renamed the project to JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System).

Internally, I've gotten a lot of "how can I help" with this idea, and so once I can clear my workload for the onramp to PDC, I'll be back on top of the kickoff.

I've also done some prototypes in the mean time to acid test a few theories and with the help of guys like Glenn of MEF fame, I'm more confident I can get this idea off the ground.

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