Announcing the general availability of OMS Solutions for Nutanix by Comtrade software

We are excited to announce the general availability of the Nutanix Monitoring Solution from Comtrade Software for Operations Management Suite (OMS). It enables monitoring, event analytics, and log analytics for on-premises Nutanix Enterprise Clouds. It extends OMS by:

  • Providing out-of-the box alerts
  • Providing historic Nutanix performance metrics like cluster/host/storage/virtual machine latency, input/output operations per second (IOPS), and resource utilization
  • Identifying situations when more solid-state drive (SSD) storage resources must be added to maintain low I/O latency
  • Enabling instant identification of Nutanix hosts that run many VMs and identification of hosts that are much less loaded
  • Acting as a central point for Nutanix log and event collection and analytics to enable correlation of Nutanix log files across controller virtual machines
  • Identifying Hosts that support Redfish standard and providing health states of hardware sensors within monitored environment

The overall Comtrade Software’s Nutanix OMS Solution consists of six solutions:

  • Nutanix Clusters
  • Nutanix Hardware
  • Nutanix Hardware Sensors
  • Nutanix Storage
  • Nutanix Virtual Machines
  • Nutanix Log and Event Analytics

Each solution provides monitoring and analytics capabilities for individual Nutanix areas. Deploy all of them to get complete Nutanix monitoring and analytics coverage.
These solutions require the Comtrade Data Collector. Get the fully functional, 45-day trial version, without any automatic renewal and no obligation. You can find the solution in the Azure marketplace as well.
The solutions will get periodically updated with new functionality. To see the latest details and updates about the solution, check out the Comtrade blog.