Azure VM Extension for Dependency Agent

You asked (a lot of you asked!), and we answered. Today we are happy to announce the release of the Azure VM Extension for the Dependency Agent for Service Map. Now, adding the Dependency Agent to your Azure VM is as simple as a single line of PowerShell or a small addition to your Azure Resource Manager template.

There are actually two extensions, one for Windows (DependencyAgentWindows), and one for Linux (DependencyAgentLinux). The publisher for each is Microsoft.Azure.Monitoring.DependencyAgent.

Here's a bit of sample PowerShell that installs the Dependency Agent on every VM in an Azure Resource Group.

$version = "9.1"

$ExtPublisher = "Microsoft.Azure.Monitoring.DependencyAgent"

$OsExtensionMap = @{ "Windows" = "DependencyAgentWindows"; "Linux" = "DependencyAgentLinux" }

$rmgroup = "<Your Resource Group Here>"

Get-AzureRmVM -ResourceGroupName $rmgroup |

ForEach-Object {


$name = $_.Name

$os = $_.StorageProfile.OsDisk.OsType

$location = $_.Location

$vmRmGroup = $_.ResourceGroupName

"${name}: ${os} (${location})"

Date -Format o

$ext = $OsExtensionMap.($os.ToString())

`` $result = Set-AzureRmVMExtension -ResourceGroupName $vmRmGroup -VMName $name -Location $location `

-Publisher $ExtPublisher -ExtensionType $ext -Name "DependencyAgent" -TypeHandlerVersion $version



The Dependency Agent VM Extension does still depend on the Operations Management Suite (OMS) Agent, so you'll need to make sure your VMs have that installed and working before you add the Dependency Agent.

The VM Extension will be rolling out to every Azure region over the next few days. If it's not in your region yet, just try again tomorrow! (Remember that while your VM can be in any region, Service Map is currently available only in East US, West Europe, West Central US, and, soon, SE Asia.)

Have any questions or comments? Please email me at

David Irwin

Senior Program Manager, OMS