2009 Imagine Cup Competition Now Open!

The Imagine Cup competition is getting bigger and better. Over 250 000 students entered the 2008 Imagine Cup competition, making it one of the biggest student competitions in the world. Imagine Cup 2009 will offer students more categories to compete in, a bigger prize pool and the chance to travel to Egypt for an all expenses paid finals!

Robotics enthusiasts get excited as the 2009 Imagine Cup competition includes Robotics into its invitational line-up. Mashup is another new category being introduced in Imagine Cup 09,"This competition challenges students to mash together elements - music, data, visuals, services and anything else they can think of - and rearrange them into something that dramatically changes how people look at a tough issue."

The theme for Imagine cup 09 is aligned with the UN's Millennium goals, which aim to address global issues including poverty, education, health, the environment and more. The theme will be used in the Imagine Cup competition for the next 3 years. This is a long term vision by the Imagine Cup organisers, allowing students to improve on their projects/development each year and advance further in their competition.

For more information, including registrations, go to www.imaginecup.com