Energy Central Centers Story on Microsoft Smart Grid Approach

The March 30 issue of EnergyBiz Insider, a weekly email report from, focused its story “Jolting the Energy Sector” around the emergence of the Smart Energy Ecosystem and provides some comments by yours truly.

The news report is great third party verification of the fast track evolution of the Smart Energy Ecosystem now occurring in the global utility sector.

As you’ll note, my comments focused on the need for technology to enable companies the ability “to be good stewards of the environment” even though the challenges “will make putting a man on the moon look like child’s play.” Success means more than just the smart grid, it’s about the whole value chain from optimization of the generation portfolio with scaling up renewables, to a smarter grid with transmission where we need it and a smart distribution system, and energy efficiency for businesses and consumers. This creates what we call the “Smart Energy Ecosystem”. The full article is available here. – Jon Arnold