Hohm in the House, Next Iteration

An announcement today about the next iteration of Hohm, the online energy management tool announced last year, made me think about a prediction that  IDC Energy Insights made earlier this year, that 20 million smart meters would be installed across North America by the end of this year.

A very impressive number, no doubt, but what does it mean in terms of increased user capabilities?hohm blueline

In many ways, today’s announcement about Hohm is typical of the trend we are likely to see on a regular basis in terms of ongoing advancements in technology that’s available to utilities and their customers. Hohm is now integrated in the PowerCost Monitor WiFi from Blue Line so that your real-time home energy use is uploaded wirelessly into your Hohm profile.

By enabling devices like the Blue Line PowerCost Monitor to connect into Hohm, users receive more detailed energy use information than what they see on their monthly bill. Way cool graphs also show you how to save energy and money.

Also, there’s a couple of YouTube videos on the setup of Blue Line device with Hohm that you will want to check out. This includes a great video of one of our Hohm community members, Joel Telling, installing the Blue Line solution in his home.



You can read more about this announcement today here on the Hohm blog, but the underlying message is that equipment like PowerCost Monitor that’s empowered by Hohm are available for increasing the rationalization of the consumption. These are the types of technologies that will work with smart meter installations and increase ROI on every smart grid initiative for both Utilities and customers. – Jon C. Arnold