Microsoft Utility Partners OSIsoft and Schneider Electric Take Up the Integration Challenge

Utilities that choose to use Microsoft products know that there is an underlying strength to our solutions – they can be integrated with each other and a wide range of data sources.

Take for example SQL Server 2012, which can access data from any heterogeneous data source – whether Microsoft or not, whether structured or unstructured. That includes data from Oracle, Teradata, DB2, ODBC, OLE DB, text files, the Microsoft Entity Framework; data from workflows coming from Microsoft BizTalk Server for SAP, ERP, CRM, Web Service and main frame applications; data from the cloud; and data from real-time sensors and other complex event streams.

Couple these capabilities with our Utility Smart Energy Reference Architecture (SERA) which addresses technology integration issues and provides prescriptive architecture guidance and Utilities as well as partners have a very powerful tool set to support current and emerging Utility business processes.

I mention all this because of a recent announcement by SERA partners OSIsoft and Schneider Electric to the effect that they are working together to achieve greater integration of their products, combining Schneider Electric’s energy management expertise with the streaming data and event management capabilities of OSIsoft’s PI System. Schneider Electric will offer the solution, which provides a way to collect, store and aggregate large volumes of data with high speed access for analytics via the StruxureWare software suite, to building owners and managers, architects, and IT managers.

Our partners believe that integrating PI System capabilities into Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare software suite will offer solutions that address the waste water and green building industries, among several others. Here’s what the companies say about their offering:

"Rising energy costs and increased environmental concerns have made energy efficiency an imperative for every business. Effective energy management requires a high fidelity view of where and how energy and other resources are consumed; the PI System provides this view", says Martin Otterson, senior vice president of sales, marketing, and industry at OSIsoft. "Whether you run a traditional or high tech factory, manage local or distributed facilities, operate a data center or other energy intensive businesses, this collaboration will deliver a comprehensive energy management solution that combines the strengths of both companies to address the global challenge of energy management and sustainability."

We invite you to learn more about this new venture in integration by our partners here. – Jon C. Arnold