New Zealand Power Company Improves Asset Management and Information Access

In our conversations with customers we routinely have a discussion about improving information access. With business truly moving @ the speed of thought and showing no signs of slowing we have to think differently about how we go about solving business problems and providing information access. It’s not surprising that in 1999, Bill Gates wrote "Business @ the Speed of Thought", a book that shows how computer technology can solve business problems in fundamentally new ways.image

In the old world ,reports were typically created by a limited number of users with technical expertise and specialized knowledge of assets. Our view of the new world is any employee can access data and generate reports, with the proper data governance in place, without waiting for IT staff or data specialists. This is a trend that we see more and more of our customers embracing as they are squeezed on finding technical staff with the right skills and have a mandate to improve operations and decrease costs.

This is precisely the strategy that Powerco, a leading distributor of gas and electricity in New Zealand, implemented as they wanted better support for their investment decisions. The new world for Powerco is cutting reporting time from weeks to overnight. You can read the full story here. Enjoy! – Jon C. Arnold