Project “GeoFlow” now called “Power Map”

We’ve written about our project “GeoFlow” before and it’s amazing 3D visualization capabilities for mapping, exploring, and interacting with geographical and temporal data. But as we get closer the formal release, GeoFlow has transformed into part of our Power BI offering and the product name of “Power Map”. To learn more about the latest on Power Map I would checkout the blog post by the father of Power Map, Curtis Wong and Power Map for Excel earns new name with significant updates to 3D visualizations and storytelling.image

Meanwhile, the prelease of Power Map continues to demonstrate it’s amazing capabilities with Utility industry examples.  We highlighted the Dallas Utilities Seasonal Electricity Consumption Simulation in the previous blog but I would check out the Growth of US Electrical Power Generation 1900 –2008 and how Power Map helps Opower visualize and present energy-saving messages.

It’s truly an amazing solution that’s going to rock the marketplace!  Enjoy! – Jon C. Arnold