Redknee accelerates cloud-based billing adoption using Oracle’s mission-critical software on Microsoft’s Windows Azure

A couple of weeks ago at Oracle OpenWorld 2013, Lucas Skoczkowski, CEO of Redknee, joined Microsoft Vice President Brad Anderson on stage and announced that Redknee is accelerating the ability of its customers to launch cloud-based billing and customer care solutions as a result of its strategic relationship with Microsoft.


Back in June, Microsoft and Oracle announced a partnership to help customers and software service providers embrace cloud computing by providing greater choice and flexibility in how to deploy software. Redknee has spearheaded the development of cloud-based converged billing solutions in the communications space and at Oracle OpenWorld they unveiled the first cloud-based revenue and customer management solution to leverage the combination of Oracle Linux, Oracle Database and Java running on Windows Azure for Utilities.

The Redknee Utility Suite provides dynamic rating and billing for electricity, water, gas, and even energy creation. It enables Utilities to remotely connect and disconnect smart meters and manage load reduction and balance control. Subscribers can use their smartphones or other mobile devices to gain a real-time view of their consumption patterns and utility bills.

At OpenWorld, Mr. Skoczkowski demonstrated Redknee's Smart Utilities Suite on Oracle running on Azure. The  attendees were the first to publicly see both the front end of the product though a new Windows 8 modern app running on Surface as well as the backend architecture through the Windows Azure Management Portal.

This is a great example of a big enterprise application that has moved to the cloud. Kudos to Redknee for blazing the trail for customer systems in the cloud!

You can learn more about the Microsoft – Redknee keynote at OpenWorld from the links below and May the Cloud be with You! – Jon C. Arnold

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