Smart Grid Information – System Overload, Overcome with OSIsoft

The energy ecosystem is about to explode. Not literally, of course, but figuratively, especially as sensors and measuring devices are installed, wired (or made wireless), and start communicating with new systems at the utility that are geared toward making the grid smart.

The problem of information overload is a hot topic these days as utilities question how to sort through the new data and determine what’s important in real time. How does the utility discern which conditions that are occurring on the grid are worthy of more sophisticated analytical computations?

OSIsoft is taking a giant step forward in this regard, announcing that it is “incorporating advanced low latency Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology from Microsoft into its PI system.”

I laymen’s terms, this means that OSIsoft has used our technology to make better sense of all the data coming into the utility, whether its from the grid system, applications or external events. The data is shaped into patterns that can be recognized and acted upon.

You should read the ebiz story on how this sort of patterning might work to empower the Smart Grid, as described by Brenda Michelson

- Jon Arnold